Women in Tech World Tour 2020

Narisa Chauvidul-Aw

Last week, I was delighted to act as Thailand ambassador for Women in Tech at its inspiring 24-hour Women in Tech World Tour. 

The event included exceptional advice on how to operate in a crisis.

At KogoPay, we have always believed that people are our most important assets: our team members, customers and partners. We believe in lifting each other up and building technology for a better world: one that is inclusive, accessible, diverse, fair and equitable for all.

We have offices in three countries and payment partners in different parts of the world. Meeting them and sharing our work and values is one of the most joyful parts of my journey in creating KogoPAY. 

On 28 May, I was honoured to be part of a 24 Hour World Tour by the Women in Tech Global Movement which invited women leaders from both the public and private sectors to talk at one conference. I am one of the team and the Ambassador of the Thailand Chapter. One of the aims of Women in Tech is to close the gender gap in technology and encourage more girls and women to be involved in technology. 

The speakers were Ms. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul (Chairperson of the Board of K Bank, Thailand), Ms. Kattiya Indaravijaya (CEO of K Bank, Thailand) and Ms. Patama Chantaruck, MD of IBM Thailand.

The similarities in the approach of these three amazing women were evident. They were all determined to be positive during this challenging time and never lost their sense of social responsibility. They were not just focused on making the biggest profit for the business. When we listened, we could feel the positive energy emanating from them, in the separate sessions in which they appeared. 

Ms. Kobkarn, Chair of the Board of K Bank, Thailand made some useful points – During Covid-19 or any crisis, remember these: 1) Problems are the norm; 2) wisdom and consciousness will guide us through; 3) Sometimes problems are an opportunity; 4) We need good team work; 5) Communication must be precise and clear. Don’t believe rumours and fake news, especially on social media; 6) Businesses need proper plans for sustainability, 7) Be content and 8) Always maintain integrity.

From Ms. Kattiya, CEO of K Bank, one thing that I liked and won’t forget is: “K Bank has a banking license from the Central Bank but this is not enough. We must have a ‘Social License’ too (social responsibility).”

Ms. Patama, Managing Director of IBM Thailand talked about IBM Think Thailand and explained all the services that IBM uses to support businesses, including blockchain, AI and IoT. She spoke about the role of women in Technology in Asia. I liked her view that as women, if we are interested in becoming more involved in technology, we need to put ourselves in technology (we need to get involved and learn more)! These speakers spoke in Thai but I have tried to translate the key points.

KogoPAY is an ethical, entrepreneurial business which is dedicated to achieving a fairer, more inclusive society. The Women in Tech event was a shining example of women working together to embrace technology, encouraging us to become stronger and more expert in the field that we love.

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